A Message from Chef Andrea

About 30 years ago, the world started spinning more quickly on its axis. Fast food replaced fresh food and processed food took control of the grocery aisle. We didn’t question the evolution of the American meal any more than the advent of cable TV or the VCR. Times were changing and we changed with them.

But now the consequences of convenience are clear.

Children have shorter life expectancies than their parents. Childhood obesity is at epidemic proportions. Our schools are reheating processed meals and serving fake food to our students. Ironically, the answer is right in front of us. It's not to do something new, it's to do something old—we’ve just forgotten how. That's why I co-founded Cook for America® and developed the Junior Chef program. These programs are designed to show our schools—and our kids—how vital, fun, and valuable it is to cook our own meals. The same way we did in the days before the world got crazy, back when we were healthy.

Join me,

Andrea Martin

Andrea Martin